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Contact Forms

We are using contact forms to make it possible for the visitors of our website to contact us. We are giving you a form to fill on our website. This contact form will have some sections like Name, email, contact number or mobile number and some informational message for us. We will use all the information provided in the contact form to contact you back again. We will never reuse it in a wrong way.


Also you will give us your information when you comment on one of our informational post. You will find that The comment section is available under every post and you can comment there with providing the name and the email account of you. After that your contact information will come to use and we will use this information to contact you back.

Where we use Your Data

We use your data to contact you back. For example if you are reading a post on our website about the Electronic Topic Then you will be informed through an email newsletter from us. This newsletter will contain those will match the your recent activity criteria on our website. So, it will be useful for you. That we will send the best and suitable posts to you directly into your email.

Data Policy

Our Data policy is one of the safest policy. The policy says that we are not going to interrupt you or we are not going to bother you in any way. The information that we have collected from you will be used only for the purpose that is mentioned above. Other than this we are not authorized to sell the personal information of you or we cannot use it for any revenue source for us. We are just using this data to market our content direct to you so that it saves time for you. Our servers, those are containing the save data of you are safe and that server is never shared to any third party.